We Are NYC Watermain Services

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Our Services

Water Mains and Lines


Fire Sprinkler Mains

NYC DEP Emergency Service

Home Sewer and Water Disconnect

Excavation Work

Catch Basins, Manholes & Trench Drains

Relocation & Installation of Fire Hydrants

Drainage Systems

Main Sewers installed and repaired

Domestic Water Mains Copper "k"

Fire Sprinkler Mains

Sprinkler Systems

Sewer and Water Main Disconnect

Fire Hydrant Relocation

Water Meters

RPZ Backflow Prevention Devices

Video Camera Sewer Inspections

Sewer Check Valves

Sewer & Water Main Installation/Disconnection

Repair & Replacements

Video Camera Pipe Inspections

Sprinkler Systems Installation

Water Dept. Shut-Downs